10 tips for winning your child’s custody case

It can be pretty daunting to even think about losing your child custody and having someone else define the terms such as you when you can meet them and how long would you be able to spend time with them. So what can you do to win your child’s custody case?

10 tips for winning your child’s custody case

Tip 1) Learn how the court conclude its verdict:

The judge has certain pre-defined measures and standards to decide who is rightfully fit for the custody and would be able better to raise the child. In the state of Virginia, the judgment is passed based on the child’s best interests.

Tip 2) File your petitions knowing what you want:

State clearly what you’re asking from the court. If you want joint legal custody or primary physical custody, make sure to use the exact words.

Tip 3) The guardian ad litem (GAL) will play a vital role:

The GAL is an unbiased attorney selected to present the child/rens’s bests interests in front of the judge.  The GAL visits the kids at home and interviews them before coming to its conclusion regarding the custody and visitation rights.

Tip 5) Prepare a strong case with convincing evidences:

Mention all details about your child’s activities to show the judge that your child is content and happy with you.  Present the court with tangible evidences like pictures of you and your child at its school, home or a park. Take the help of friends and family who know you and can vouch for your relationship with your child.

Tip 6) Maintain courtroom decorum:

If you don’t observe the proper courtroom etiquettes, you will be jeopardizing your custody case that may result in you losing the case. Do not get triggered if your ex-spouse tries to exaggerate when telling their side of the story. Always remember to keep your cool and poise. You will have your turn to tell your side of the story.

Tip 7) Custody Bootcamp for Moms:

For all the moms of Virginia fighting their child’s custody case, Custody Bootcamp for Moms is a great outlet to get informed on how to prepare their cases. The seminar provides all details on how the courts in Virginia operate.

Tip 8) Keep your kids out of the court case:

As much enticing as it may be, try to keep your kids away and not lure them with your specifics of the case. This way you are manipulating your kids with psychological burden of choosing between both parents.

Tip 9) Make sure you don’t drink or do drugs, especially in front of your kids:

Try spending as much quality time with your kids as you can. Don’t involve yourself in any activities that can be used against you and put your case in jeopardy. Drinking and drug problems can make you lose your child custody if some related incidents are presented in the court.

Tip 10) Listen to your lawyer’s advices:

Trust in your lawyer and what he/she advice it offers you. Your lawyer is experienced and understands the whole process better than you. Make the best of your lawyer and try to gain as much clarity and information as you can grasp.