A Virginia Sex Crimes Attorney You Can Trust

If you have been accused of a sex crime and arrested, a criminal case is about to hit you where it hurts the most. Hiring a defense attorney, in this situation, is essential, as your employment, social life, and reputation are already at stake, and not to mention the fear of spending your life in prison. Thus, you have to decide on who to hire to represent you and save you from these horrible consequences as much as possible.

However, it can seem confusing, as every lawyer or criminal defense agency claims to be well-versed and promises to offer you aggressive representation. In addition, they will probably show you a long list of successful cases that they were able to handle effectively and efficiently over the past ten years or so. Who can you trust now?

How can you know who the ideal sex crime lawyer in Virginia is?

It is hard to label any single sex crime attorney as the very best. This is simply, because a criminal defense lawyer is a matter of personal choice. You will develop an intimate relationship, sharing each and every detail about your life that you would not tell anyone else. Thus, it is essential that you feel utterly comfortable with your legal representative. As, it is a personal decision, no one can make it for you. Consequently, you should interview several lawyers before making any choice. Here are some factors you should consider when selecting a defense attorney for your particular case:

1.      The lawyer exclusively focuses on criminal defense

You will find many lawyers claiming to handle family law, personal injury, wills & trusts, and criminal defense. However, most of them do not have strong grip over one particular field. Thus, you should attempt to look for those who specialize in sex crime cases. Alternatively, choose a law agency that has, at least, one lawyer who exclusively focuses on criminal defense.

2.      The legal practitioner primarily practices in one of the Virginia counties where your case is pending

Besides your sex crime lawyer, there are many people involved in your case, e.g. the judge, the prosecutor, and the court staff. The lawyer, having spent time developing positive relationships with all the key players in your case, would be the best choice. This does not necessarily imply that the attorney will request any personal favors in your specific case. However, it always pays to choose a trusted and known defense lawyer.

3.      The attorney has good enough time to effectively handle your case

Since most sex crime attorneys are often busy individuals, they may have too many cases or clients to give them a level of personal representation that they truly deserve. Alternatively, if a lawyer has very few clients or cases, it could be a red signal. Thus, your aim should be to find a defense lawyer who has a healthy docket of cases in hand, keeping him/her in court regularly, but not too busy to represent you in the best professional and personal way.

4.      The lawyer has earned a great reputation

You should make sure that the defense attorney you hire has a great reputation in the courts in Virginia and is well-liked by their colleagues and clients.

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Virginia