What is the VA reckless driving ticket fine?

Are you charged with a reckless driving ticket in Virginia? Virginia’s law enforcement authorities deal with reckless driving very strictly. It is vital to understand the elements of reckless driving and their respective penalties in Virginia to avoid its negative impacts on your life. Reckless driving in Virginia is considered as a major criminal offense … Read more

Out of State Reckless Driving by Speed in Virginia

If you are committing out of state reckless driving by speed in Virginia with an expired license then you would obtain a one-year extension to apply for your license. If you are out of the country and you have committed a reckless driving offense with an expired driving license then you would obtain up to … Read more

Here’s how Virginia’s reckless driving laws are the toughest

Reckless driving is a serious criminal offense in Virginia. If you are charged with a reckless driving ticket you should immediately talk to an experienced Virginia lawyer. Virginia is known for being the 6th strictest state in the United States for its reckless driving charges. Virginia prosecutors deal with reckless drivers strictly and they are … Read more

Assault and Battery Misdemeanor in Virginia

Assault and Battery in Virginia are considered Class I misdemeanor. It is considered as illegal touching of another person. The illegal offense of assault and battery in Virginia has the subsequent two basics. First of all the prosecution must confirm that the offender deliberately touched the other person without any explanation. Second, the prosecution must … Read more

Reckless Teen Driving Penalties

Teenagers should be subjected to proper and strict driving lessons, in order to safeguard their safety when they are driving independently. It is necessary to provide more time to the teenage drivers so that they gain valuable experience and exposure to unexpected situations and circumstances of the road. With this, they could become fully aware … Read more

10 tips for winning your child’s custody case

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How To Win A Child Custody Case

A child custody case may typically be one of the most stressful experience a parent can face, especially when you have no clue of the results. Most juries base their decision with the child’s best interests at heart, when determining the custodian for the child. Although the exact definition of a child’s best interest differs … Read more