DUI Lawyer in Fairfax

While you have a good driving record and it is most possible that you may have never received any ticket for traffic violation in Fairfax. However, even if it is the first time, a charge of DUI (driving under the influence) can have some severe consequences. One must never take the charge of DUI lightly. The most important step in dealing with the charges of DUI in Fairfax is to hire a DUI lawyer. The driving laws of Fairfax are extremely strict even for the first time offenders and if you get convicted for a criminal charge of DUI, it will lead to a fine of $250 and further requirements of an ignition interlock system in your car. Further subsequent second or third charges of DUI in Fairfax may lead to active jail times, heavy fines and suspension of driving license. Furthermore, conviction for a DUI offense can also have a profound impact on the career of an individual. For instance if you are related to education or politics, a charge of DUI can be devastating.

There are a number of measures a well versed DUI lawyer in Fairfax will take in order to protect you. You may consider that the arrest for a DUI means that you have been convicted, however, that may not be the case. Any error on behalf of the patrol officer can lead to the complete dismissal of the DUI charge. Only a knowledgeable DUI lawyer in Fairfax will work that hard to evaluate every aspect of your arrest and will closely look for the loopholes that may prove that your patrol office may have not followed the defined protocol. If it is your first DUI charge, than your main concern should be to get the charge of DUI completely dismissed. However, thing can get trickier for subsequent second or third charge. As a multiple offender, your DUI lawyer will make the best effort to minimize the level of DUI penalties.

In addition to inappropriate procedures, there are further circumstances that can benefit to prove your innocence against the charge of DUI. There can be a possibility that Sobriety tests may be inappropriately administered. Some medical conditions may mimic intoxication. Facing charges for driving under the influence without a DUI lawyer in Fairfax can be a mistake.