Fairfax Virginia Computer Crimes Laws

Even though a lot of locations don’t take cybercrimes seriously, Fairfax Virginia does. If you think you can do something on the internet and get away with it, remember Fairfax Virginia is watching you and the court can take you down whenever necessary. If someone has a proof against you and the cybercrime you have committed against them, you are bound to go through the strict actions that the court takes against you. Fairfax Virginia computer crimes laws are quite strict.

What are the different kinds of computer crimes?

Computer fraud, trespassing someone’s computer, harassing an individual by computer, invading someone’s privacy through computer, stealing computer services of someone, spamming someone’s computer, hacking and sending virus to harm someone’s computer – all the crimes are covered under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act at Sections 18.2-152.

Wondering about the crimes and laws?

According to the cyber law in Fairfax Virginia, it is not an ordinary thing to get onto someone’s computer and go through their personal information (or even do something to their personal files), unless you are authorized to do so. If you delete someone’s files, copy-paste confidential documents or trespass someone’s computer with an intention to steal someone’s property permanently, it is considered to be a cybercrime or computer fraud.

Also, a person is held guilty of a crime if he trespasses someone’s computer and causes physical injury while accessing the computer of another person. Controlling the traffic lights by hacking the system is also a punishable offense.

Another punishable offense is “Revenge Porn.” You may have been in a relationship with someone for a long period of time; now the relationship has ended but your explicit pictures and videos are still with them. If they didn’t want this relationship to end or leave you, they might use the pictures or videos to degrade you and your “sexts” you once whole-heartedly shared with them. This is where you can hold them guilty, even if they have only tried to threaten you so far. Threatening is the first step towards leaking the videos or texts or pictures. Since it is a part of sexual cyber harassment, it is a punishable offense in a lot of locations, particularly Fairfax Virginia. Whether you knew about such videos or pictures being taken during the time of getting intimate with your partner or had absolutely no idea about the hidden cameras in your room, if someone has leaked nude pictures of yours without your permission, you just need to prove it and they would be held guilty. You can also read The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative to get an idea about how to remove such pictures and videos.

Cyber bullying and harassment by computer are under section 18.2-152.7.1. If someone is trying to harass you through the internet, he is held guilty of cybercrime. This includes threatening an individual, using a profane language to hurt an individual, bullying someone on the internet and also sending explicit videos or images to someone. You can report such an individual and get him punished by the court.