How Much Do Attorneys Cost For DUI?

When compared to personal injury attorneys, DUI lawyers are slightly more costly depending on the case they are taking on. For instance, majority lawyers specializing in personal injuries accept a case on a contingent basis. This is not the case with criminal attorneys. Therefore, if you are going to contact or meet a DUI attorney, it is important to know that they require upfront deposit usually. In addition to this, the fees that they charge for the case depends on the structure they have been following over the years. It also depends on the complexity of your case as well as the type of outcome you are seeking.

A DUI charge is also known as ‘the $10,000 ride home.’ This might seem a little exaggerated, but so is the case for being caught driving under alcohol influence. It can be figured out that DUI attorneys cost more, but it is an essential investment. As an individual, one should not consider going to or appearing in court without an attorney. You would rather want to cover significant costs than spending months in jail. Apart from this, being caught for driving under the influence, you may also have your license suspended and have to pay hefty fines which will make your life miserable.

Regardless of how much attorneys cost for DUI, it is must to have one by your side before you appear in the courtroom.


Most of the DUI attorneys follow two common types of fee structures using which they charge clients accused or caught for driving under the influence of alcohol. Either the DUI lawyer charges hourly or on a flat rate to handle the entire case. To understand the types of fee structure better:

  • Hourly means that you will be billed for the services on a specified hourly basis. There is an advantage when you choose this type as there are chances you might not have to overpay the attorney. As an individual, you only pay for the services your attorney has provided at a specified time.
  • Flat Rate means that your DUI attorney will quote you a fee to take over the entire case. In many instances, a flat rate can get you amazing discounts which are not possible in case of the hourly rate.

Regardless of the type of structure, it is imperative that some lawyers tend to charge more while others charge less – based on their experience. Likewise, if you want a reputable, experienced, and larger firm to handle your case, they will charge you more. Whereas, smaller representatives will quote a lesser amount.


The average cost of a DUI attorney depends on the state bar rules and local market rates. But, it is subject to change considering the type of action you plan to take. The things that differ the cost most is whether you are looking to take your case to trial or you are ready to accept a plea. Typically, a DUI attorney charges anywhere between $750 and $2,000 for a single appeal. If we talk about trial rates, they could range from $3,000 to $25,000 depending on the complexity of your case as well as the level of offense.