Personal Injury and Accident Fauquier Lawyers

If you are injured because of an accident, you will need medical care, the issue of loss of workability for the injuries you suffered. The lawyers make every effort to ease the severity of the incident and provide the conditions for treatment, making contact with the person who is responsible for your losses.

Contact with the person who is responsible for the losses, their lawyers, and insurance companies can be deferred until the final decision, but your lawyer negotiates with them on the principle of mutual trust to achieve a successful resolution of the case. If you personally or a person close to you is injured in an accident, you can contact experienced attorney to get help immediately; Lawyer will draw up an appropriate strategic plan taking into account all your specific circumstances. Regardless of whether you have been involved in a major or minor accident, it is very important for you to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

In case of failure, the fee is also not charged. The lawyer assists clients in obtaining compensation through a peace deal or court agreement. By a thorough investigation of the facts and the use of all available means, they make every possible effort to overcome the tactics of those insurance companies that may not agree that the claims of the victims are justified.

Your first consultation is free of charge. The fee is not charged until the resolution of your case. All questions will be regulated without your participation so that you can fully concentrate on the treatment and recovery of your health. Negotiations with insurance companies are also conducted without your participation. So, in case of personal injury or an accident you should consult a professional attorney familiar to ensure the recovery of your health by the law.

Injuries can result from incidents of various types, such as:

  • Auto Accidents Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Getting cranial wounds
  • Bus accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Body Injuries
  • Accidents of freight transport
  • Violations of law and order with a deadly outcome

To determine the amount of compensation, there is no single rule. However, to determine claims to insurance companies, some factors need to be considered, including the following: justification of the minimum liability of the victim, the nature and severity of an injury, and the amount of insurance coverage that may not correspond to the degree of damage.

Some types of damage are the basis of the claim:

  • The cost of medical care, such as calling an ambulance, visits to doctors, visiting a doctor, X-rays, diagnosing, examination by a neurologist, surgery, surgeon’s conclusions, and physiotherapy sessions.
  • Expenditures for the further period that may be required for treatment due to injuries received. In the case of extremely severe bodily injuries, there may be a need to consider a plan for the granting of a lifetime pension and its size.
  • Loss of income sources due to the termination of work or the termination of profitable employment due to injuries. Under this article, loss of income can also be approached in the future due to the inability to return to previous earnings.
  • Disability due to injuries sustained in the incident.
  • Physical suffering, mental disorders and other inconveniences due to injuries, currently experienced and spreading to the future.
  • Surviving relatives may demand compensation for the loss of a loved one, since leaving him for life may mean for another the termination of communication, the disappearance of personal comfort, attention, help, protection, attachment, moral support, the source of knowledge and general custody. Survivors of the family may be eligible for compensation for the loss of financial support, for funeral expenses or for the deprivation of personal services that were previously paid for by the deceased.