Is Petty Larceny A Felony?

Larceny includes taking the acquisition of the property of any individual forcefully. According to the Penal Law Section, larceny occurs only when the intention is to deprive the owner. The larceny is also classified into different types including the petty or grand larceny. Many people ask is petty larceny a felony or not? , they must know that grand larceny is a felony but petty larceny is considered as a misdemeanor. Larceny happens when the property of one person is taken by another forcefully. The punishment for larceny also varies according to the severity of the case, which is dependent on the property was taken wrongfully. Grand larceny means the unlawful acquisition of the property of any individuals as compared to the petty larceny, which is considered as a smaller crime.

Petty larceny is a minor crime in different states and it includes the intentions of the person to steal. For all those wanted to know is petty larceny a felony or not? Petty larceny is a misdemeanor charge in states of Virginia, but this charge can also cause some major issues for the person involved in it. These include the destruction of the reputation of the person and the difficulty of the person in getting the right job in future after the conviction of the crime.

Petty larceny is the defined in accordance with the statutory requirements, in which the value of the crime is always less than the limit of grand larceny. There are some states, which divides the value of the crime into categories of misdemeanor and felony, rather than the petit and grand. All the individual who is caught in theft crime wants to know is petty larceny a felony or not? They should know that this type of theft crime never falls into the category of felony. It is also discriminated from the burglary in that the theft is never involved in the unlawful entering and breaking the rules and regulations.

Petty larceny includes the intentional theft of items, which are priced more than $250, but less than the $650, form any individuals against their will. The use of petty larceny charges takes the form of the arrest for shoplifting in different states of US, but there are also other activities which are included in the petty larceny if you are interested in knowing is petty larceny a felony or not? The activities that are included in the petty larceny includes the removal of the property form the room of the hotel, removal of the fixtures from the real property and carrying or leading away from the pets and animal without their consent.

The penalties for both types of crimes including the petty and grand larceny are also different. The crime of petty larceny can be charged only if the value of the property is less than $650, In any case, if the property value is more than $650, then the individual can be charged or arrested with the charge of grand larceny instead. We hope that this article provided you with the much-needed information regarding larceny and answered the most common question is petty larceny a felony or not?.