Reckless Driving Fines in Virginia Law

Virginia is one of the biggest states within the Union. It retains the title of being the eleventh biggest state in all of US by population and is ranked thirty-sixth regarding total landmass. Being a rather large state in terms of people, it also functions as a hotspot for a lot of economic activity. As such, Virginia generates and maintains a massive flow of traffic, which creates all sorts of urban management problems.

Virginia is, in comparison to other states of the US, one of the stricter ones when it comes to dealing with traffic violations. Even a simple speeding incident could get you classified as a reckless driver. And, one of the potentially scary parts is that also if you pay an extravagant fine covering your charge, it will still stay on your driving and legal record.

Driving recklessly is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It mandates recklessness as an inherent trait, and sheds light upon it as a part of its laws and regulations,

“a disregard for the driver of a motor vehicle for the consequences of his act and an indifference to the safety of life, limb or property.” Powers v. Commonwealth, 1970

For class 1 misdemeanors, the fines usually associated amount to $2500 and usually no more than that. Lightening your sentence or any applications towards lessening the charge usually involves judicial processes such as requesting Driver Improvement Trainings or encouraging the judge to consider a good driving record. Virginia also allows for special provisions in the case of emergency situations or faulty readings by speed-guns.

Analyzing fines and costs

The amount and manner of payment of legal penalties can be highly subjective. They can vary from offense to offense and, in some cases, location to location as well. If you’re involved with a traffic violation ticket and cannot understand the fine displayed, the Commonwealth of Virginia and DMV maintain an online database to assist in this endeavor.

Delineating Additional Fees

Failure to pay a Virginia traffic violation within forty days after its issuance, or the date of your court hearing entails paying additional interest. Additionally, the court may also submit your debt to collections.

Increased Premium Costs

An added expense that can sometimes be overlooked are the increased rates on premiums on insurance, especially vehicle insurance. Even a first offense in reckless driving is bound to cause an upsurge in your premium rates. And consistent entanglements with the law regarding reckless driving can not only result in a revocation or suspension of your license but will also drive your insurance rates sky-high.

Costs of License Renewal

If applicable, the DMV and the Commonwealth of Virginia are entitled to suspend or revoke drivers’ licenses. This can severely impair your finances especially if your license is revoked and especially if you happen to be a registered commercial driver. This also has severe implications for individuals whose livelihoods depend upon driving.