Reckless Teen Driving Penalties

Teenagers should be subjected to proper and strict driving lessons, in order to safeguard their safety when they are driving independently. It is necessary to provide more time to the teenage drivers so that they gain valuable experience and exposure to unexpected situations and circumstances of the road. With this, they could become fully aware of the road situations and how to drive with other drivers as well. Teenage drivers can also register themselves for driving education programs to further enhance their driving skills and should wear proper seat belt with the prescribed method. They should also be warned against drinking alcohol while driving or using substance abuse.

Driving instructors, parents, state officials and teachers need to create strong associations and relationships with these teenage drivers and support them in every possible way so that they don’t break traffic laws or execute reckless driving on the road or on the highway. Parents must also take part in this endeavor to educate their teenage sons and daughters about the consequences of breaking traffic rules and violations and the penalties that they can be charged with. These young drivers must acquire all the preventive behaviors and should be able to manage risks on their own. Driving is a life-long skill, which needs further polishing and enhancement. As for young teenagers, it is important for them to establish good driving behaviors while driving on the road or on the highway.

Reckless Teen Driving Penalties

Driving Risks Associated with Teenage Driving

Driving can be dangerous for young teenage drivers without prior sufficient experience. These young teenagers can have more risks and chances of crashing into someone else’s car. The reasons for which these young teenagers are more likely to cause accidents are:

  • Most teenagers lack the maturity or the reasoning skills to make better road or driving decisions. For example, if they have to make a sudden turn or brake to avoid an accident. Such driving instinct and quick judgements come from experience. Teenage drivers need to spend more time on practicing driving under safe conditions. They should also be constantly guided under adult supervision while driving.
  • Most young drivers can easily get distracted while driving. Any new or inexperienced driver face more challenges and distractions as compare with an experienced driver. Most female teenagers can particularly get involved in texting, talking on the phone, music or even with passengers who are driving alongside.
  • Most teenagers may engage themselves in risky driving situations and behaviors while being inspired. Examples of such scenarios include speeding, racing, running a red or yellow traffic signal or overtaking.

Knowing About Penalties

Teenage drivers, between the ages of sixteen and seventeen, may be charged with a fine of $75 for not wearing a seat belt. However, if you are 17 years old and you commit certain speeding or moving violations, then the driving license would be seized by the police officer. This may also include a temporary suspension for a total of 48 hours. In addition to that, the police may also have the authority to remove or impound their vehicle. However, in case if the teenager is of sixteen and seventeen years old, then they can face immediate driving license suspension penalty for racing or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.