Traffic Lawyers in Fairfax

Provided that Fairfax County, Virginia is the most highly populated jurisdiction of the state and contains a number of main highways running across it including I-395, I-66 and I-495, it is not a strange thing for local driver to receive a ticket for traffic violation without even realizing that they have done something wrong. Various traffic infractions including reckless driving, speeding and many more are the most common charges of traffic violation in Fairfax. This calls for the importance of Fairfax traffic lawyers. In a situation where you have to face a charge for an offense related to traffic, these well experienced traffic lawyers in Fairfax can provide you with an in-depth analysis of situation associated with your charge and the potential punishments and penalties you may face.

It may come as a surprise for many drivers particularly those who are not from the state that reckless driving is not just a simple traffic violation in Fairfax or anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The charge for reckless driving in Fairfax is considered as a class 1 misdemeanor and comes with a possible sentence of active jail time of up to a year and a penalty of up to $2500. It also leads to the suspension of driver’s license for up to 6 months. For a resident of Fairfax, this means to lose driving privilege for 6 months and for a driver form other state, it means that he/she is not allowed to drive across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Being convicted for the charge of reckless driving in Virginia also comes with a penalty of 6 demerit points on your driving record with Department of Motor Vehicle in Virginia. If you have a commercial driver’s license, than a charge of reckless driving could impact your professional credibility. Being charged with reckless driving on a suspend license can further escalate the severity of the offense to a class 6 felony under certain circumstances that may result into further strict punishment and penalties.

If you have been charged with any traffic related offense along with reckless driving, it is most wise to reach out to traffic lawyers in Fairfax in order to determine the severity of the charges and the best possible way to deal with them. Traffic lawyers in Fairfax can provide you with information about the charges you may face and the best possible defense strategies that can be used in this regard.