Uncontested Divorce in Virginia Attorney

A tense legal battle and trial within a courthouse is always an undesirable option. Not only does it put financial and time-related strains upon the pursuant parties but also heavily drains and exhausts emotions and feelings. Ultimately taking a toll upon mental and physical health as much as fiscal health.

In any case, divorces typically will require legal oversight of some sort, an attorney or a representative firm. And the average costs incurred in hiring a lawyer through a straining divorce proceeding usually amount to around eleven thousand dollars. However, your fee for any divorce proceeding, contested or uncontested, can massively vary based upon a lot of determinant factors. These can include anything from alimony, children custody, and visitation, property distributions, and benefits, among many more. Other factors can manifest their importance depending upon a specified locale such as a county. An instance of this is that most counties are upgrading to accommodate e-filing as a base proponent of the divorce petition system.

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce in Virginia

In basic terms, an uncontested divorce generally presents itself as a reasonably quicker and less costly alternative to more confrontational forms of separation proceedings. For these reasons, spouses and marital partners usually consider a mutual divorce based upon a similar base understanding of the issues; ergo, uncontested divorce.

Virginia’s Criteria for Uncontested Divorce

However, there are specific criteria that marital partners must satisfy before petitioning for an uncontested divorce in Virginia:

  • One of the partners must have resided in Virginia for at least six months
  • The spouses have a mutual agreement on divorce issues and, initiating divorce proceedings as no-fault divorce
  • A written agreement on child custody and visitation rights
  • Residential separation of both spouses

General Fees for Uncontested Divorces

All members of the public have unbridled and free access to all forms needed to petition for a divorce proceeding in Virginia. However, there are filing fees attached to each of the forms publically accessible. What’s more is that the parties may determine how they want their case heard; either by a commissioner, judge, affidavit or deposition.

Each of these methods, even for an uncontested and seemingly simple divorce process, requires its own set of documents and forms; each with their own fee and time requirements. Additionally, there are pros and cons to each hearing type.

Why hire an Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Virginia?

The analysis presented above will undoubtedly embolden the sophisticated image of divorce trials and legal proceedings. Hence it is always advisable to seek legal counsel, a versed uncontested divorce attorney in Virginia.

The price of hiring an uncontested divorce attorney in Virginia mostly compares to the filing fees you would have incurred if you had proceeded to a more Do-It-Yourself kind of proceeding, and are only slightly higher. For a few more dollars, you will enjoy the comfort of a smooth, hassle-free and eventually reasonably cheaper divorce.