Virginia Domestic Violence First Time Offender Program

The Virginia law and courts consider the charges of domestic violence extremely seriously. For the first time offenders of domestic violence in Virginia, it must be imperative to aware of the fact that when it comes to domestic violence, Virginia is a state that has made the arrest mandatory. If we put it in simple words, if a victim of domestic violence calls for police to seek help against domestic violence and there are visible proof of the crime, than the responding police officer is bind by the law to arrest the offender. For the both victim and offender in the case of a domestic violence, the law of Virginia is known to have an intense after effect. Quite often when two members of the family or a household gets entangled in a dispute and one of the partner might call for police to make the offender leave the victim’s premises or may provide the resolution for the argument but the first time offenders and victims of domestic violence must become aware of the fact that police officers are not going to play the role of a mediator instead once the police is involved in a domestic argument, the offender would most probably end up in jail.

At times, the first time offenders of domestic violence in Virginia wrongly assume that once the accused member has been arrested, the victim or the witness could conveniently take back their claim. However, the law of Virginia take the cases of domestic violence very seriously and at times domestic violence lawyers are required to force the witness or victim to testify the actual facts even if they are not willing, in order to protect them from further charges of perjury.

First Offenders Program

18.2-57.3 of the Virginia Penal Code provides the judges with the authority to adjourn the proceedings of the domestic violence in case of first time offender and act of violence is not serious. Rather than convicting the offender, the judge could decide for probation and send the alleged individual to the first time offender program. A proficient defense lawyer could persuade the prosecutor or the judge to contemplate the case of a first time offender under careful consideration. The first time offender program or probation if completed by the first time offender without any further offense would lead to the dismissal of the charges and the defendant would be declared not guilty. The comparatively low ratios of conviction exhibits that the cases of domestic violence for the first time offenders could be defended successfully if you approach proficient domestic violence lawyer. A powerful defense could render issues associated with hesitance or absence of witnesses or contradicting testimonies. At SRIS Law Group we well understand the nuanced procedures of legal practice in domestic courts. Therefore, any individual facing the charges of domestic violence must consider our expert lawyers with particular experience of handling such distinctive form of criminal charges.

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