What is the penalty for Sexual Molestation of Child in Maryland?

Sexual Assault in Maryland

Maryland is known for having complex sexual offense laws. The Maryland court penalizes the assaulters for both; Sexual offenses and rape. According to Maryland, Rape has two different levels and the Sexual offense has four different levels. The punishment of sexual offenses and rape depends on the degree of the criminal offense and multiple other factors.

Sexual Molestation of a minor in Maryland

Sexual molestation of minors is strictly prohibited in every state. According to Maryland’s child abuse laws, it is illegal for any adult to sexually or emotionally abuse any minor. In order to protect the harmful impact of sexual molestation of minors, the authorities have constructed strict laws and penalties for child molestation.  There have been cases in Maryland, where the teachers have been sentenced to 48 years of imprisonment for abusing a minor student.

Maryland’s family law, section 5 – 704 and section 5 – 701 states that it is mandatory to report child abuse to the authorities, even if it is conducted by parents, guardian, or any other family member.

What is the penalty for Sexual Molestation of Child in Maryland?

Other Sexual abuse laws which can be applied to minors

According to Maryland laws, sexual assault is known as “Sexual Offense”, which includes the act of engaging someone in sexual activity, either by force, by giving threat or without his or her consent. These sexual offense cases are further broken down into four different levels or degrees, which are known as first degree, second degree, third degree and fourth degree, respectively.

  1. First Degree sexual Offense:

According to section 3 – 305, first degree sexual offense is when a person is using any weapon to threaten the victim, which can cause them death or serious injury. The penalties get worst if the first degree sexual offense is taken place with a minor.

  1. Second Degree sexual Offense:

According to Section 3 – 306, second degree sexual offense is when the sexual activity is performed with a mentally or physically incapable person without their consent. The second degree sexual offense also includes a forceful sexual assault, which is performed with a minor by four years older assaulter. The assaulters are subject to at least 15 years to a maximum lifetime imprisonment in Maryland, for conducting a second degree sexual offense.

  1. Third Degree sexual Offense:

According to section 3 – 307, a third degree sexual offense is under the following circumstances:

  1. Sexual Offense is taken place by an 18 years old adult with a minor who is under 14 years.
  2. A sexual offender is 21 years old and the minor is 14-15 years old.
  3. Virginal intercourse took place with a 14 to 15 years old minor, by a 21 years old adult.

The common penalty for third degree sexual offence is a maximum 10 years of imprisonment.

  1. Fourth Degree sexual Offense:

According to section 3 – 308, a fourth degree sexual offense is when an at least 21 years old authoritative adult engages in a sexual activity with a minor. This can include a sexual offense committed by a teacher with a minor student or an employee with a junior intern. According the laws of Maryland, these assaulters are normally charged with a maximum imprisonment of one year and/or fine of $2500.

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